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  • 2100 series microscope for students and laboratory routines
    The BA 2100 Series is a biological microscope that can be used in various biological applications, such as teaching and laboratory.
  • 3100 series microscope
    Balea Series 3100 routine biological microscope in the laboratory. Optical system corrected in color and infinity with a Micro-image technique super excellent for any observation
  • 8100 series microscope
    The 8100 series is a high performance microscope Widely applicable to clinical diagnosis, research and teaching laboratories, pathological tests and other micro-fields.
  • Digital Camera
    Simple and easy to use professional camera adaptable to any microscope BCA 10.0, BCA 5.0 and BCA 3.0 belong to Tucson's professional camera
  • Laboratory biological microscope
    2500 laboratory inverted microscope, designed for observing cell and tissue cultures.
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