Licuos Shakers

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Licuos Motion has digital control of speed and time of agitation with LCD screen, Motor of high performance without brushes that allows a maximum load of 7,5 Kg, Programmers of speed and time of agitation and a system of hygiene to avoid surpassing the maximum speed required
Licuos Convert has interchangeable platforms for tubes from 1.5 ml to 50 ml. It takes timer with LCD display between 1 minute and 20 hours, Digital speed control with LCD display between 10-70 rpm and variable rotation angle adjustment between 0 ° and 90 °.

Licuos Marea has a brushless DC motor that is maintenance-free and energy efficient. It has LCD screen with digital control by LCD screen for timer and temperature. It also has a high resistance ceramic heating plate for temperatures up to 340ºC. Supplied with external PT1000 probe for precise temperature control.

Licuos Vortex has control of operation in continuous or pressure mode. It incorporates analog speed control from 0 to 2,500 rpm. It incorporates four rubber feet with suction cup to prevent the agitator from moving during operation and reduces vibrations.

Licuos Motion 3D has digital control of speed and agitation time with LCD screen. 3D orbital shaking with a fixed angle of rotation of 9 °. High performance brushless motor that allows a maximum load of 5 Kg. It incorporates a safety system to avoid exceeding the maximum speed required.
LC3000Motion Licuos Shaker100-500 rpm10 mm7,5 kg420 x 370 x 100 mm13,5 kg
LC2000Convert Licuos Shaker10-70 rpm--510 x 190 x 260 mm8 kg
LC5000Marea Licuos Shaker100-1500 rpm--160 x 280 x 85 mm2,8 kg
LC1000Vortex Licuos Shaker0-2500 rpm4 mm-127 x 130 x 160 mm3,5 kg
LC40003D Motion Shaker10-70 rpm-5 kg430 x 360 x 106 mm9 kg
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